London Fanshawe Riding

Wikipedia describes riding associations as follows:

In Canadian politics a riding association, officially called an electoral district association, is the basic unit of a political party, that is it is the party's organization at the level of the electoral district, or "riding". Major political parties attempt to have a riding association in each constituency though, usually, these associations are more active in ridings where the party has an elected Member of Parliament or has a reasonable chance of electing an MP in the future, and less active in ridings where the party's prospects have historically been poor.

Most riding associations have an elected executive and attempt to have activities for local party members at regular intervals. At a minimum, riding associations hold an Annual General Meeting to elect its executive and meetings to elect delegates to national and regional party policy conventions. Riding associations are most active during election campaigns when they are responsible for organizing the riding's election campaign. In addition, the party constitution usually allows each riding association to hold a nomination meeting which selects the party's local candidate. However, some party constitutions allow the leader to bypass the riding association and appoint a candidate of his or her choosing.

The London-Fanshawe Federal NDP Riding Association is a very active one. We are proud to have supported MP Irene Mathyssen when she was first elected in 2006, and in her two successful re-election campaigns. We are accountable to our members, who elect our riding executive at an AGM typically held in January or February. Our main purpose is the election and continued on-going support of our member of parliament, but we are active all year in promoting the interests of the party, working to strengthen our community,  and supporting other local, provincial and federal NDP organizations.

We typically have committees and task forces that organize and carry out specific functions such as fundraising, community events and social gatherings. Volunteers assist us in between-election canvassing and in various special events during the year. During elections we are dependent on our many committed and energetic volunteers to help us mount an effective campaign. There is much organizing and preparation to be done as an election approaches, and, especially when there is a minority government, we have to be election ready at all times.

Note that our riding association is run solely by volunteers. For some of us, such as the executive, this is a major time commitment, likely our most important way to give back to our community. Other volunteers help out during specific times, especially during an election, for whatever time they can give us. The NDP is proud of its dependence on volunteers. We are a fundamentally grass-roots party.

Are you interested in becoming more involved with the London-Fanshawe Federal NDP Riding Association? Go to our volunteer page, or send a message through our contact page. We would be glad to discuss how you can join us as proud members of "team Mathyssen".

Irene Mathyssen, MP

Irene Mathyssen
Position NDP Caucus Chair
Assumed Office 2006
Riding London Fanshawe
Preceded by Pat O'Brien
I have served as the Member of Parliament for the riding of London-Fanshawe since 2006.  My main focus is putting the needs of our community first.  I have, with the hard work of my staff, been able to assist over 7,000 constituents with problems they have had accessing government services including: Employment Insurance, Canada Revenue, immigration issues, and accessing pension, veterans, and disability benefits.  After funds were stolen from the Duchess of Kent Legion, I was able to successfully to obtain tax relief to keep the branch open and serving local veterans.

I was honoured to be named the Official Opposition Critic for Seniors Issues.  I have also served as the Critic for the Status of Women, chair of the NDP's women's caucus and as the vice-chair of the Status of Women committee. In addition to those roles, I have been the NDP Critic for Pension Issues, as well as the Deputy Critic for Veterans Affairs and Public Safety files.  Over the years I have introduced many bills and motions that, if adopted, would go a long way to reducing poverty, promoting equality and protecting those who choose to serve in our cities and our country.

Previously, I served as the MPP for the area from 1990 to 1995 and taught high school English for over twenty-five years including 10 years at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School. I have also served as a member of the Ontario Health Coalition.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Western Ontario.

I feel it is very important to be involved in the community.   I am particularly proud of my work with  ReForest London, Clean & Green London, Friends of Meadowlily Woods, and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority initiatives that protect and rehabilitate the local environment.

I was born and raised in the riding and I am proud to serve the community that has given me so much.


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